Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Fundraising Continues

The last few months have been extremely busy for the hall and the fundraising has continued with many generous donations coming in. So much so that at the beginning of April we has just climbed past £21,000! This has been a fantastic achievement for all concerned and we very much appreciate all the hard work put in by the volunteers who give their time.

However, even better news than this is that as of May 1st, we are now almost at our first goal of £25,000 with 95% of the target raised! Once this amount is reached we are able to apply to larger funding bodies in order to help achieve the larger total of £125,000.

Finally, once this target is realised we can begin refurbishing our beloved hall so that it can continue to service the community for many years to come.

Additionally, the Annual General Meeting of Padworth Village Hall toke place on Tuesday 28th May, 2013. The meeting minutes will be available shortly.

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